Leather Conversions! (cloth to leather)

We convert cloth to leather at a cost much lower than a factory install.  Conversions are done on new and older vehicles.

Add A Lumbar System!

Seat Cover Repair! (leather or cloth)

Air condition with heated seats

Add Heated Seats! (to any vehicle)

Bar and Restaurant Seat Cushions!

Console Lids! (repair or replace)

Carpet Replacements!

Door Panels! (repair or replace)

Had my driver’s seat re-pad in my 2006 Ford Expedition. They did an excellent job and kept me advised on how and what they were doing as they got into the process. They got creative on how to deal with the cooling and heating components in the seat and how these things were possibly going to interfere with the extra padding. A simple fix got them around these interferences with only a slight change in their original plans. The seat is much more comfortable now. I recommend them for refurbishing and from what I saw of their operations, probably most anything else in the automotive upholstery field. A+++


Had my leather redone in a 2002 4runner. They did an amazing job restoring the cushions in the seat and the look of the truck to original factory quality. My seat is so much more comfortable and the aesthetics of the vehicle are so much better. They finished in just a couple hours and had great customer service. Also, the best price with 4 other area businesses.


I had a leather conversion done on my 2015 Silverado regular cab, It exceeded my expectations and looks better than factory. Service was impeccable and exactly what I wanted. Melissa, Terrell and Susan are the best and I will be back with more business


I have been using The Trim Shop since 1997 adding leather to lots of my used cars at Benchmark Chrsyler Jeep and now at Courtesy Buick GMC …..they have the best service and staff in Alabama !


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